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Mui Wo

Mui Wo is also called Silver Mine Bay Beach, which is named according to the two silver mines in the valley before. It is told that Mui Wo was called Mui Wei because of its landscape. The shape of the land is like the five pedals of a plum blossom, and the middle of Butterfly Hill formed a bowl shape (the Chinese word for bowl shape is ‘wo’). Thus, villagers used to call the place Mui Wo Valley.

It is also heard that the last Sung Emperor and his servant had once took shelter from here. Mui Wo Kau Tsuen (old market) is now surrounded by new buildings. There are snack shops near the pier and the old market if right across the river, which is the main route for water and surface traffic on Lantau. Outside the pier, you may find the bus terminus. There are shops, restaurants and markets nearby. Walk along the seashore then the Silver Mine Bay Beach is right in front of you.

Mui Wo Journey






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